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My little soul mate

- 17 Feburary 2012
Nicknames: Kimi
Age: 19
Pet Type: Tonkinese Cat
Lived: Sydney
Author: belindaj
Favourite Things

Her blankets and faux sheep skin pieces that we called her fluffies that she would nestle into.

Best Qualities

Affectionate, an old soul who understood when you were upset.She loved just being with you and having her stomach rubbed

This is to my fur baby.

It was only because of her affection and love that I was able to make it through the loss of my father and treatment for Breast Cancer over the last months.

She was a beautiful cat inside and out.

I came by her as  a rescue and as they say she chose me and while it took a little while we had the closest bond I could ever imagine. She trusted me so much and she was always there no matter how bad things got.

I will miss her forever and see her little face and hear her little meows (she was a talker being a Tonkinese) she liike to let me know were she was.

My heart is broken and I don't know if it will ever mend, few friends understand just how important she was to me, but she was one in a million and old soul who loved me dearly and never gave up until the end when her poor little body could take no more. Though she hadn't given up in spirit.

Rest in peace without pain Kimba and know your Mum will never forget you until we meet again.




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