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For Chikko

- 10th December 2010
Nicknames: Little Mister
Age: 14
Pet Type: Alexandrine parrot
Author: moonrse
Favourite Things

snowpeas,capsicum and garlic bread! Having a shower under the hose and sitting on my head rest when I was driving.

Best Qualities

cheeky and a real socialite. Loved hanging out with people and parties to see which guests he could scam a treat from.

My dear " Little Mister".  What a true character you were!!  Until I met you who would ever have known a parrot could be so amazing, intelligent and affectionate.

Learning to love and understand a bird has been the biggest learning curve but I loved every minute of it.  Our kisses and our arguments. 

Your soft little calls and your demanding squawks.  The incredible way you would communicate with me and no one else could understand.  Cuddling up in the curve of my neck and never wanting to let go.  Some days kissing me for treats and others just because you wanted to love.

Your bright, friendly and intelligent personality made friends with so many people it has opened so many minds to the wonderful world of birds and those people are so much richer for it.

Chikko my little mister i loved you so much and I miss you terribly!!

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