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Tribute to my adorable Amber

1998 - 23.1.2012
Nicknames: My BABY GIRL
Age: 14
Author: Sad_ash
Favourite Things

My girl loved cuddles, short walks, clumsingly playing with a ball, adored her family, loved her dog treats and chicken

Best Qualities

EXTREMELY affectionate, adored her family and other fam pets, protective, gentle, biggest heart, loved cuddles


My beautiful baby girl, you had the biggest heart, you gave us all such love and joy, you were such a big sook but you were MY sook. i will always remember ur funny way of doing things, like hiding a bone under a blanket as if no one would never notice. In ur youth, i remember the days i would stand on skate board and you would run for miles pulling me behind you. You were such a loving dog, u absolutly adored cuddles and just being held and being the centre of attention, which in 99% of the time u always were anyway. You looked after puss as if she was ur own puppy. You kept jessie in line when she was naughty. You loved coming to bed with me after i finsihed night shift, despite the fact u'd just got out of bed. You were so unique and had so many funny adorable memorable qualities that put so much joy in our life and never had us stop smiling. When you wanted something, you sure as hell had ur own unique way of telling us exactly what u wanted, and of couse being the spoilt princess u were, you always got what u wanted haha. You just loved people and were so friendly amd affectionate to everyone. Everyone who met fell in love with you. You had the most beautiful big brown eyes and would so lovingly just watch me what ever i done, you never wanted to leave my side, I never wanted to leave ur side. You slept literally on my bed everynight for 14 years, you were hardly a small dog like a lil jack russel so always hogged the bed. but i never complained. In the last few months of ur life, you wanted to remain physically active but we saw you start to struggle, even in days before u left us, u still tried to do everything you could to please me, we saw you start to look unwell, you looked me in the eys and it was like you were telling me that you were tired and ready to go.  Having to make the decision to put you to sleep was the hardest thing to do. I'm glad i atleast got the privelledge to hold you in my arms that last time as you slipped away from us. having you in my arms, like you were for most days of ur life. You were there for me during the hard times and i'd cry to you in the sad times. You loved me unconditionally n only ever wanted to please me, and that my baby girl u certainly did. It has been such a huge honor to have had you in my life for 14 years. I love you with all my heart and miss u so much it hurts, thank you for being the beautiful girl you are and thank you for loving me so much and thank you for all the beautiful memories that i will now have in my broken heart forever. I have made a beautiful garden where you now rest, i visit it many times a day, life is just so different without you, i miss you so much that its bloody hurts, Amber my beautiful loving gorgeous babygirl, Until we meet again, sleep well my beautiful Baby girl

I will NEVER forget you, please never forget me when i eventually cross the rainbow bridge

Forever in my heart and soul

Love your mum Ash xoxoxoxox R.I.P. Babe xo






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