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my tribute to missy

11/01/95 - 06/02/12
Nicknames: missygirl
Age: 17
Pet Type: mixed
Lived: watanobbi
Author: shellrayb
Favourite Things


Best Qualities

very friendly with her family, didnt like strangers

missy was a beautiful, very regal cat with a love for food and her family,  she would just appear and sit by the fridge and would know when it was shopping day.  she used to think she was a dog and bring a piece of rubber that she had pulled from the bathroom wall and jump onto the bed at night and want you to throw it so she could fetch it for you to throw again.  we had to try and hide all the pieces of rubber or elastic in the house so we would get some peace.

her love for us was unconditional and when she became ill recently with cancer she would still walk to the fridge for her treat and the day before she passed away she was waiting on shopping day.  she had become frail and i could not let her suffer anymore so she was put to sleep peacefully today with me holding her.  i will miss her more than words can say and am struggling to cope without her by my side but her memories will live with me forever.  luv u missygirl x

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