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my tribute to bonnie

17/01/95 - 14/08/10
Nicknames: bonnieboo
Age: 16
Pet Type: mixed breed
Lived: watanobbi
Author: shellrayb
Favourite Things

Best Qualities

very affectionate and cuddly

bonnie was adorable, when she arrived in our house as a kitten,  she would snuggle up to missy our kitten who was 1 week older.  they would chase each other around at night, running over anyone who got in ther way, she loved to sleep on top of my daughters head.  as she got older she would come in to my room at about 5 in the morning and snuggle into my back until it was time to get up.  she loved to sit on my lap and was the loudest purrer you would ever hear.

she became ill with cancer about 18 months ago and we made the decision to end her suffering and put her to sleep, but before we took her in we put her in the garden in the sun and she lay there purring like a steam train watching the birds she now couldnt chase.  i miss her every day and wish she would again come and snuggle into my back and purr.  luv u bonnieboo x

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