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my tribute to boof

1993 - 16/03/10
Nicknames: booofer
Age: 17
Pet Type: cat
Lived: watanobbi
Author: shellrayb
Favourite Things

Best Qualities

affectionate, cuddly

you were such an affectionate cat and you won my heart the minute you came into my life.  we inherited you approx. 4 years ago when my mother in law passed away.  even though i already had my furbabies, you became such a big part of my life and whenever i went to sit down you were there to sit on my lap and be loved and cuddled.  you were a bossy boots and you had all my babies scared with your angry meow, but i knew the soft side of you.

you became very frail towards the end and we decided to end your suffering, but you were stubborn to the end and your little heart gave out.  you went in your own time.  i still miss you boofer, and am so glad you were part of my life.  i am all the better for knowing you.  luv u boof x

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