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I love you Zeus

2/5/98 - 27/2/12
Nicknames: Mister
Age: 14
Pet Type: German Shepherd
Lived: Carlingford
Author: Zeus30167
Favourite Things

Frisbee, Lamb Shanks, Tuna, Pizza, Popcorn, Chips.

Best Qualities

Gentle, loving, protective, caring

To my best friend, you stood by me when others didn't, you never judged me, you never had attitude, you were always happy to see me at the end of the day. We could share a pizza or a packet of chips. You used to wipe your dirty nose on my shirt after you ate and I had to push you away. You were happiest when laying under the coffee table near my feet. I miss triping over you at 5am in the morning or trying to get comfortable in bed when you are cuddling up to me, I miss you trying to rip the back flyscreen door down trying to come inside and say hello, I miss giving you an ice block when you were hot, I miss splashing water over your nose when I was in the pool, I miss you ripping the sprinkler apart when you were hot, I miss you trying to pull the wheels off the lawn mower. Most of all I miss your caring eyes, your cuddles, and your faithfullness, you are my best friend and you can not be replaced. I had to make the hardest decision to let you go and I hope you understand. We had 14 great years together and I hope I lived up to your expections, I never had to raise a hand to you, you just knew what I expected. I tried my best to bring you up to be a perfect dog and I know I got there. I love you and I kiss your photo everyday. I miss you so much may you rest in peace.  

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