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For the love of Harvey

Harvey Crumpet
- 31 March 2012
Nicknames: Harvey, harve, Crumpet,
Age: 8
Pet Type: English fox hound x Mastiff x
Lived: Kinglake
Author: Katbend
Favourite Things

Watching TV, us, Spud & Stan (dogs), Boots & Rowdy (cat), horse poo, the bush, cuddles, coming on a horse ride

Best Qualities

loving, gentle, funny, goofy,

Harvey Crumpet my 52kg lapdog. My constant, loving companion, my gentle giant.  You were taken from us too soon, the brain tumour became too much to bear and as much as we tried there was nothing we could do but let you be at peace.  Harvey my boy you weren't the most obedient, you felt you were above all of that, yet you never really did anything wrong so it never mattered to us.   You were unique thats for sure, we always said you lived on Harvey planet, where life was brilliant all the time no matter what was going on. You shared you love and joy of life with everyone. You  touched everyones heart that  came in contact with you.  You were the happiest soul, loved everyone and everything.  You would stare so deeply into our eyes and make us feel like we were the best thing that ever existed.  You were the centre of our universe and that of all the animals here, everything revolved around Harvey. You let all the other furry family members and kids that would visit clammer all over you, take food from your mouth, harass you to play with them and yet never did you loose your cool with them. You tolerated all of it. You loved it.  You were such a big boy and had such a presence and the things I will miss most are you welcoming me home always with a present in your mouth to hand to me, your big cuddles, in the car your floppy ears flapping in the wind, you sitting on my knee, the way you sat on the couch to watch TV, your massive tail always knocking everything off the tables, your goofy antics, the way we would ask you to sit and you would do it in slow motion, unless there was a treat involved, the way we would ask you to go outside and you would just look up at us with that beautiful face and we knew if you could speak you would be saying "No, I don't think so but thanks for the offer" and go and sit on the couch instead, the way you talked, how gentle you were, riding through the bush with you by my side, the way you would do your evening boundary run to make sure we were protected before coming inside for the night, i will even miss your drool.  You brought sunshine into my world and that of all around you.  

I feel like a big piece of my heart has gone when you went and you are sadly missed but never forgotten. You have given us the most amazing wonderful memories and your spirit will be with us forever. Your loving family xxx

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