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5 August 2000 - 14 April 2012
Nicknames: Puppy
Age: 11
Pet Type: Maltese
Lived: Melbourne
Author: Katesteve
Favourite Things

Us, tummy & back rubs, blankie, eating at the table with the family, driving in the car, the beach, duck, chasing birds

Best Qualities

Unconditional love, meeting us at the door, cuddles, watching doggie movies (Good Dog was the favourite), mothering Coco


Puppy would have loved this beautiful mild April Melbourne morning, lying out in the sun, daring any bird to enter our little yard. When we brought her home in October 2000, on a similar spring day, she completed our family.  

Her dear little smiley face brightened everyone’s mood.  She loved us so, and gave more than we could possibly give her.  That happy little heartbeat met us at the door every time we came home. 

Puppy had a duck she would carry around by the beak, and her blankie was Woody’s baby blanket, that became her’s on the bed.

Puppy was my ears, as my hearing deteriorated, she would run to the door when someone was there, or look up if the phone was ringing and I hadn’t heard. 

Puppy loved sharing our food (her last meal was steak!), chocolate, ham & cheese croissants, chasing birds on the beach, driving in the car, and most of all us.  As soon as we sat on the couch she was there waiting to be picked up and cuddled.  Any lap would do.

An only dog for many years, she grew to love Coco, and mothered her when she joined our happy family.

This morning was the hardest drive Woody and I have ever had to do.  Four weeks after she was diagnosed with cancer, Puppy was struggling for breath.  She had spent the evening in my arms, and then at night with Woody watching movies.  At 4am Woody woke me and said she can’t go on.  The lovely vets examined her and confirmed that she needed to sleep.  We held her and at the last moment she sat up, looked at us and laid back into my arms.  At rest and in no pain any more. Forever cherished for the wonderful 11 1/2 years you gave us Puppy.

Puppy was the Queen, and we were her pets

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