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Tribute to Sasha

- 12th February 2012
Age: 14
Pet Type: Japanese Spitz
Author: Georgia
Favourite Things

Best Qualities


To those who say,” He was only a dog.”

Only a dog can wag his tail so hard, just because he is happy to see you.

Only a dog can make you forget your worries just by smiling at you.

Only a dog doesn’t care what you do or look like just as long as you are there.

Only a dog can be so pleased to see you even if you have only been gone for a few moments.

Only a dog touches your heart with his loving look at the end of the day.

Only a dog can look into your eyes and say I love you and am glad you are home.

Only a dog can care about you when no one else does.

Only a dog has nothing to give but gives you all he has – his love and devotion.

Only a dog gives so much more than he takes.

Only a dog sees who you are inside, not what you try to appear to be to the world and loves you anyway.

If you haven’t been loved by “only a dog” then I feel sorry for you-

You do not even know what you have missed.

               Georgia Kroger for Sasha

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