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Taylor Made

Taylor Made
5/12/1995 - 3/1/2008
Nicknames: Princess
Age: 13
Pet Type: Golden Retriever
Lived: Sydney
Author: fragipany
Favourite Things

Food and anything that could be made into 'snow'

Best Qualities

Taylor was materinal, she loved us and we her but she also to care of us as we did her.She was a mother,daughter,&light

There isnt alot to say that doesnt bring back huge massive feelings for my daughter, she was our golden baby. She could pluck at my heart, my head, my senses as easily as an angel on a harp.

She knew that she could always make us "crack' with just a wiggle of her tail and she took care of her siblings- they all looked to her for guidence ( the cats too) .

She is was and still is the only dog I know who was materinal , always check up on all of us.

We miss her and love her every day even though her loss was over 4years ago.

We love you baby xoxox

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