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Our tribute to Mishka

3rd March 1988 - 22nd April 2012
Nicknames: Mishy
Age: 24
Pet Type: Cat
Lived: Melbourne
Author: Estelle
Favourite Things

Your daily Cat-A-Chino, as soon as the coffee machine was on you were there waiting.

Best Qualities

Waking me up with your cold paw on my face everyday, creeping in under the covers on a cold winter's night.

Mishka, our beautiful girl, we have been blessed to have had you in our family for 24 years, it was a very hard decision to make to have to say goodbye to you. We have so many wonderful memories and stories to tell of all your adventures. You are still by my side every morning standing and waiting for your Cat-A-Chino....

You st on every window ledge just watching the world go by, always sitting at the back door waiting when you heard the car down the drive way. Snuggling up to keep warm on cold nights. Head butting me i the morinings to get up. You ae a well travelled cat living between Brisbane and Melbourne, being flown between states.

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