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A tribute for my little man

01/01/2009 - 18/05/2012
Age: 3
Pet Type: Budgie
Author: Beckybug
Favourite Things

Bell and plastic rings

Best Qualities

Affectionate, loving, funny

Peanut was the first pet I had decided to get since I moved away from home. Growing up I always had a cat or a dog around and I loved the devoted companionship that a pet gave. You could tell them everything, knowing it was safe.

Peanut wasn't shy and from a young age showed he had a larger than life personality. He was cheeky and soon grew to be very popular with all who met him. He loved the ladies! He started to talk and after that, we couldn't stop him. He even learned to blow kisses, and I loved getting my morning kisses when I took his cover off in the morning.

He loved to share chips with my husband, loved talking on the phone or helping send an email. Spell chack became a must after he had gone running across the keyboard. My husband had birds growing up, but he had never stuck a bird like Peanut before. One so full of life and so into everything.

Late last year we got a cat, called Abbie. Peanut loved tormenting her, he would call her, she would come running and then he would tell her to rack off and screech, so she'd run off, only to be called back 2 minutes later! He was never scared of her, and always stood his ground if he was out of the cage. She only tried to grab him once. Abbie still wears the scar on her nose from that.


Peanut's passing was totally unepected. Abbie got a bit excited after we had come home from being away all day and knocked his cage down. The vet suspects he might have got a knock on the head. We took him to the vets and he fought for 36 hours, even the vet was sure he was going to recover. The morning after he had gone to the vets, we both went to see him, he seemed so much brighter and happier, chirping and having snuggles. But sadly that night he passed away. The vet called the next morning and I knew the minute I saw the vets number come up it wasn't going to be good news.


My heart broke.


Hubby was at work and I coudn't reach him to tell him. I spent the day at home with Peanut's body. Hubby came home and I felt so bad for having to tell him that his boy was gone. We both decided to get him cremated, so he can always be with us, no matter where we move.


My sexy little man, as I often called him, has his forever wings, but will never be forgotten.

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