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Tribute to our Millie

15th February, 2005 - 18th May, 2010
Nicknames: MeMe
Age: 5
Pet Type: Foxie X Maltese
Lived: Sydney
Author: lmspice
Favourite Things

Millie loved to rumble with Ruby. Loved her walks. Loved people.

Best Qualities

Extremely affectionate, mischievous, fun loving, boisterous, cuddly, bossy, all qualities in one (good and bad)

Dearest Millie

The past couple of days have been rough for you and for me

Seeing you become ill and deteriorate so quickly was heartbreaking


But I don't want to remember you like that

I WILL remember the vibrant, cheeky girl that you were

From the first moment mum and I met you, your enthusiasm for life was evident

You were full of life, character and  boundless, excitable energy


I will always remember:

  •  How you always wanted to be near to us - you were a constant companion and a very sociable girl
  • How you loved being held and cuddled and stroked
  • The way you would look so intently into our eyes - wanting to communicate with us
  • How you would tap on the glass door with your front paws while dancing on your back paws
  • The way you would almost speak, using noises and body language to communicate what you wanted - such a clever girl!
  • How cheeky you were - cute little munchkin
  • How bossy and sure of your self you were - a big dog in a small little body
  • How you and your buddy Ruby played on the carpet in the past, growling and rumbling, you made us laugh!
  • How you would push your buddy Ruby to the side if she was standing where you wanted to stand
  • How your curly little tail wagged
  • How you loved routine - you had an amazing body clock
  • How much you loved your food! Geez you could eat!
  • How your thirst for life didn't waver even though you had many health problems over the past few years
  • How you LOVED us with every fibre of your being

Well, guess what Millie - we loved you too! But I know you knew that.


We miss you already and so does Ruby.


We are just glad that your suffering is over.

And we are glad that fate brought you to us years ago - we were the right family for you.


We will remember you always our sweet, sweet Millie.....................Love Jacqui  18th May 2010

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