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My Tribute to Missy

Nicknames: Miss
Age: 15
Pet Type: Cattle X Corgi
Lived: Sydney
Author: lmspice
Favourite Things

Chewing bones and old shoes, playing ball, going on holidays

Best Qualities

affectionate, loyal, protective


You were a beautiful dog.  The moment we saw you at the RSPCA you made it very clear that you were the puppy we had to bring home. The way you licked the kids all the way home was so cute and affectionate.

We all loved playing ball with you and taking you for walks.  Still we recall when we took you on holidays and on one occasion you barked at a herd of cattle on a country road.  The blue heeler came out in you that day.

We were very sad when your heart began to fail and you lost your love for life.  As hard as it was for us we knew for your sake we needed to say goodbye.

Thank you for giving us 15 years of joy.  You will always hold a special place in our hearts....Mumma



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