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R.I.P My Bailey

Unknown - 28/6/2012
Nicknames: Bubbles
Age: 10
Pet Type: Syberian Husky
Lived: Penrith
Author: kshakers
Favourite Things

Going to the dog park, dinner time and going for long walks or runs.

Best Qualities

Big personality & great company. His amazing eyes.

You never understand how much you would miss something or someone until they are gone.  When they go you would do anything for just one more day, one more cuddle or just one more pat. I lost my Husky suddenly the other day.

I adopted Bailey about 8 years ago.  He was my first dog and first interaction with a Syberian Husky, wow what a handful. Full of life (and naughtyness) but he became one of my closest friends.  He got me through a lot of hard times and suddenly i had my soul mate, my rock and the best friend a girl could ever ask for.  As my life changed and my family grew, so did he.  I always thought he would be around, always be there for me to come home to,to howl when I drove in the gate.  Its is hard to come to terms with the fact that this is not the case.  On the 28th of june I woke to go to work, bailey had been sick the night before and I just knew he wasnt right.  Enough so for me to give him a big kiss and a pat, tell him I loved him before I went to work.  I left the house that day with a heavy heart as I knew something was wrong.  My hubby,Jake took my boy to the vet and stayed with him the whole time, giving me updates that confirmed my concerns.  I left work early that day to be met by Jake and my best friend Lauren at the say my goodbyes. The vet had done all they could and had made him comfortable.  As he took his last breath, I felt my heart break.  My fears were real and my best friend was gone. 

Each day I hope I feel a bit better but I still feel lost without him, the house is not the same.  I do find peace in the fact that we rescued Bailey all those years ago.  We gave him a fantastic and full life.  We gave him a second chance and he gave us 8 wonderful years, full of dog hair and happiness.  I never thought I would miss dodging the poop around my washing line (which I'm sure he planted on purpose Lol) but I do.  I will always miss his presence and his smell but more than anything I will NEVER forget my husky boy and the happiness he gave us.  He will always have a special place in our hearts.... RIP my beautiful friend. 

Always and forever xxxxxx

Love Kirsty

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