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My best friend

unsure - 25/06/2012
Nicknames: Buddah
Age: 13
Pet Type: Maltese Schitzu
Lived: Epping,Victoria
Author: buddah
Favourite Things

Schmakos,his bed,and going for walks,cuddles with me

Best Qualities

very affectionate,loyal,friendly,and very cuddly,loved to take up the whole couch and the bed

My heart is still broken sadly my baby deteriated very quickly he went off his food,drinking very little,slump on his bed just no energy at all.I knew something was seriously wrong when he didnt even eat chicken ...his favourite. I took my baby to the vet fingers crossed and hoping he was going to say my baby has picked up a bug we will give him a needle and he will be fine .............Afraid not i was told his kidneys were failing,,,,i never let my boy go all i could say was "NO" NOT MY BEST FRIEND. Sadly i had to say goodbye to my boy it was so hard and im so lost without him we did everything together.He will never be forgotten i picked his ashes up today so we are together again and always will be.I know people mean well but please stop saying get another dog....he wasnt just a dog he was special.......Love you my Hercules xxxxxx

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