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My Tribute to Friskers

11/11/2007 - 14/7/2012
Nicknames: Frisk
Age: 4
Pet Type: Cat
Author: clairestrom
Favourite Things

mice, and his best friend will (dog)

Best Qualities

Cuddly, affectionate, funny

You were gorgeous my little angel I will miss you so much. I know you will be waiting for us all when we come, I love you xx

Our Story

I got Friskers for chrostmas when I was 12 after out dog had passed away earlier that year.

Friskers was a wonderful cat who loved to test the boundaries as much as he could. He would stroll accross the street at his own pace, usually making cars wait for him as the came and went. On the 14th of July he was hit by a car, the car didnt stop to help him they kept driving. Friskers was found by the neighbours who were all distraught. 

When I got home and mum and dad told me the news, I screamed, I picked him up and held him. He was still slightly warm.  

I loved friskers, everone did. Even people who didnt like cats. I miss him every day and when I step out of the car I still expect him to be sitting there waiting for me, but he just isnt anymore. 

He was a cat that was loved by all and he will be dearly missed. I love you kitty and I always will!  

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