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My Tribute to Misty

1996 - 17th August, 2012
Nicknames: Little Girl
Age: 16
Pet Type: Cat
Author: Jenni
Favourite Things

You loved to sleep and cuddle

Best Qualities

Affection, cuddley, affectionate, my little mate

My sweet little Misty. You were the sweetest, most loving and wonderful companion for the last 16 years. You were always with me, beside me and comforted me in hard times. You have only been gone for 4 hours and I miss you so much already.

How I long to see your happy little face greeting me at the door, talking to me as only you could and the wonderful cuddles and hugs we shared. The house seems so empty without you. Gypsy and Squeaker, your little sisters miss you.

You fought as hard as you could until you had not the strength to fight anymore. I will miss you each and every day until the day we are together again.

Rest in peace my little girl, your suffering is at an end and we will be together again. I love you, I miss you and thank you for being the wonderful and loving companion that you were.


love your mama Jen

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