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My Tribute to Harley

Harley Ziniak
Adopted 28 December 2005 - 25 August 2012
Nicknames: Harley McGarley, SID (Space Invading Dog), Chicken Bum
Age: 7
Pet Type: Australian Cattle Dog Cross
Lived: Hillbank, SA
Author: SallyZ
Favourite Things

Eating yoghurt drops (especially the strawberry ones), going for long walks, sleeping in his bed.

Best Qualities

Always there when I needed him, loved me unconditionally.

My dear Harley

You were taken from us far too soon. Your warmth and love from the day we adopted you from the Animal Welfare League SA was second to none. Everyday you made me happy to be your Mum. It was the little things and the big things.

I will never forget the day you arrived in our lives. You came home, and seeing the Christmas tree up in the lounge room proceeded to cock your leg ready to let go. It was a tree after all. How were you to know that because it was inside it was a no go zone? And then when I went back to work after the summer and you proceeded to only pull my washing off the line because you clearly weren't impressed with me. Everyone else's was left untouched. And not being able to pass 1st Grade at puppy school, not because you weren't intelligent but because no one was going to tell you what to do. All these things I will remember.

Everyday I miss you. You were a champion puppy and I will never forget you. I hope you are up in Doggy Heaven chasing your lamby and going for long runs. 

I will always love you.

One of your Mums.


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