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my tribute to moses

August 1996 - September 17th 2012
Nicknames: moseyman
Age: 16
Pet Type: cat
Lived: watanobbi
Author: shellrayb
Favourite Things


Best Qualities

affectionate, sensitive, cuddly

to my beloved moses, how i miss you.  you were a beautiful and affectionate cat right from when you were born.  i rembember you were so loved by us and by your mother missy and your other mother bonnie who used to pinch you and run past us and take you to her bed.  she wanted you for herself.

you were such a loving cat and i will miss waking up to find you snuggled in to us especially when it was cold.  you loved to lay in front of the warmth of the heater or air conditioning.  you became very sick recently and we made the decision to end your suffering, even though it broke my heart to let you go.  you looked at me with your big brown eyes and i knew it was the right thing to do but how i long to hear you purr again and give me the love you always gave. 

you loved to eat prawns and could smell them before we had even opened them.  i wish i could hold you one more time and tell you i love you.  i will miss you forever, but i know you are now back with your mother and auntie.  just know that i am always thinking of you and will never forget you my moseyman.  luv you little man  xxxx

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