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My tribute to my Little Boy

9th July 2002 - 28 Sept 2012
Nicknames: The Boyo, the kid, little boy darling
Age: 10
Pet Type: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Lived: Wonthaggi Victoria
Author: her325
Favourite Things

Food, his Ball, and ruff ups and lots of cuddles

Best Qualities

Funny, affectionate, tough but soft, very obedient

How can I begin to describe you my little boy, you were the cutest thing right from the start at 9 weeks old, you followed your big sister around like she was your new Mum, and although you two did fight sometimes, she is lost without you now.

Your joys in life were your obsession with your ball, pestering anyone at all who would throw it for you and you loved your food. My heart feels empty now that you have gone, the pain is indescribable, it feels surreal at the moment, friends who have lost their pets assure me the pain will lessen, but how do you fill the hole in your heart that aches for you so much.

Your funny ways, your talking as I held you, getting the paper in the morning,meeting me at the door ready to lick me to death with love, kisses for mummy when I asked for them, laying in the sun, I will love you and miss you until I take my last breath.

RIP my beautiful baby boy

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