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My Tribute To Sophie

14 August 1998 - 24 July 2012
Nicknames: boof, my little love, missy
Age: 13
Pet Type: Welsh Corgi X
Lived: NSW
Author: blemke
Favourite Things

Bones, going for walks, her yard, eating chicken and fish, soccer balls, her squeaky toys, going for a ride in the car.

Best Qualities

Loyal, friendly, loving, a good listener, always happy, full of fun and intelligent, always trying to please us.

From the minute I looked into those beautiful brown eyes it was meant to be.  You were only 7 weeks old when I brought you home but right from the start you were intelligent and quick to learn.  Only 2 accidents inside the house and after that, never again. I use to tell you that you were the best treasure I ever found at the shops and you would get very excited and proud of yourself each time I said this.  I remember you always being such a good girl and always trying to please us.  You were just as important as anyone else in the family although to me you were my constant, loyal companion.  Oh all the walks, talks and laughs we've had over the years. I miss coming home now because your not here to greet us anymore.  I miss the way I could put my nose on to your nose and look into your eyes although if I did not do this quickly I would end up getting an entire face wash.  I miss not being able to give you a kiss on top of your head each night and shaking your hand as you would talk to me making all sorts of sounds as if you were telling me about your day. Our life together was a very happy one and I wish that you could have lived just 3 more weeks so that you could have celebrated your 14th birthday.  You loved having birthdays and christmases as you always got lots of presents too just like everyone else did.  After receiving bad news in April little did we know that we would have to end up putting you down after one of your tumors ruptured.  Im still traumatised by the way we had to say goodbye as there wasnt enough time.  It was not suppose to end like this and 15 weeks on Im racked by guilt and lots of "if onlys".  Im so sorry boof I wish you did not have to go the way that you did.  We still put your bed down each night and your little night light on too.  Nothing is the same without you and we all miss you so very very much.  Thank you for being the best girl in the world and now you will be the best girl in heaven.  Goodbye my little love and hopefully we will meet again someday on rainbow bridge.

Jan (Mum)

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