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My Tribute to Kelly

19.6.1997 - 11.12.2012
Age: 15
Pet Type: Black and White Border Collie
Lived: Terrigal NSW
Author: nellym
Favourite Things

Best Qualities

loving, obedient, faithful


I have lost a friend and companion of fifteen and a half years,  my beautiful Border Collie, Kelly.     19.6.1997 - 11.12.2012


Kelly, I will always remember your lovely brown eyes so full of expression, your soft head and ears, so nice to pat and the bit on your chest that you loved rubbed.   You had a good life and I'm pleased you were able to experience what it is like to be a 'farm' dog for a short time. You even rounded up cows and were excellent at keeping the chooks out of my garden.  You made lots of friends along the way but your family always came first.


A little six week old puppy with a domed head sat on John's feet and that was it. Michael, Rachel and John were smitten. You came home with a blanket that smelled of your mother but abandoned it the first night. Even then your family came first.   You were smaller than Misty the cat to start with so a relationship was established but it was always amicable and you and Misty were great friends. I remember the nights you both counted satellites with me in the middle of a dark paddock and how every night you both hopped on the bed to say goodnight to me, then, as good as gold, got down and went to your respective beds. Yours, from a very early age, was one of the leather armchairs. Waking me in the morning is another good memory - it was either a lick on my arm or the Collie stare if no skin was available. It always worked.


You loved chasing a ball and would always bring it back. When we said 'closer' you brought it to our feet. Sometimes in Darvall park with Michael and me you ran till you could run no more. In Crystal Creek you loved chasing the ball down the hill then bringing it back to the top. Then in Terrigal you loved catching the waves and chasing the ball along the beach.


You were very easy to train, super intelligent, always obedient. John told everyone you were the cleverest dog, and you were.  Although you walked with a lead, when I let you off you stayed close to my left foot, the perfect position. You didn't bark very much, only when absolutely necessary. We went for lots of walks, not daily as sometimes we were away, but almost. The longer the better. For a while John had you running along the wall on Terrigal Esplanade jumping off to the sand and running back again, until the rangers stopped it.   There were hours of walks along the beach from Terrigal to Spoon Bay and back, walks along the dirt road at Crystal Creek, going as far as we could and always with George the little fox terrier, (that we inherited when we bought the house), for company.  You also loved the car and would always be waiting with John when I got off the train after a day in the city. It was lovely to know you were happy to see me. The biggest road trip you made was in the motorhome, six weeks from Terrigal to far north Queensland and back visiting many little towns and exploring them all. That trip included you meeting our three grand-daughters and little grandson, who just loved you and taking you for walks. It was also your only encounter with a leech.  Your bed was under the table and you were very contented being with us and being part of our travels. You came with us on quite a few motohome trips until you just couldn't jump up the step.  Then it was the kennel, which you also seemed to like. By that time you were in the 'geriatric' accommodation with a couple of other old dogs.  You were always very glad to be home with us.


I have missed you sitting next to us at night as lately you couldn't get up and down the stairs easily. We did put carpet on them to help you to start with. When you lay near us we would often get a quick lick.  You slept downstairs on your lovely red cushion but if John got up during the night you would creep up to be near him.  For a while you slept in our room but you were a bit windy so we put you in another room, which you didn't mind, as long as you could see where we were. Later, of course, when you had to go outside so many times we had to make your bed outside. I tried to make it as warm and sheltered as possible and it didn't take you long to get used to being outside at night. I felt really bad about it though.


Lots of people have asked me where you are since you haven't been walking with me. You liked the little walk up and down the footpath that took the place of our long early morning routine. I know it wasn't very far and you thought you could go further, but it was an effort.  The last walk I took you on was to the Little Shop to get the Sunday paper. You were very keen to go but it took a while to get home. Maybe you just wanted to keep going.  Then that horrible sound I heard you making last Tuesday afternoon, whining, yelping and howling. You never cried, never complained, but you were hurting and in trouble. I rushed to see and found you couldn't get up from a sitting position. You had eaten nearly all your dinner. I helped you up, encouraged you to walk but you kept dropping. Then I knew you weren't going to get better so I rang the vet. I brought you inside and waited for John to come home. You still couldn't stand and I had to carry you to the car. The vet helped you get out but you walked to his surgery. Then we had a nice farewell with you but couldn't stay to see your final minutes. You looked at me as we left, I'll remember your eyes.


Kelly, you were the best dog.  I have a beautiful photo of you, but you will always live in our hearts.



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