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Forever loved

Sep 2010 - 24 January 2013
Nicknames: Chicken
Age: 2
Pet Type: Pug x Cavalier
Lived: Warburton VIC
Author: i_love_u_grayson
Favourite Things

Chicken, vegie scraps, anybody's lap, river walks, sleeping, car rides and his mum and dad

Best Qualities

Affectionate, cuddly, loveable, a good listener :)

Grayson, you were my world! You were my best friend. You were so unique, entertaining and oh so lovelable, not only did you brighten up my day everyday but you also did the same to everyone that you met. My house is so quiet without you, I miss you hovering around me in the kitchen waiting and hoping that I drop some food, I miss your cuddles, I miss our many walks along the river and coffee dates, I miss that everyone in town stopped to talk to you and give you treats and that they know your name but had no idea what mine was, I miss the way you tilted your head when I talked to you but most of all I miss the way you loved me. Without you my heart is breaking and I don't know how I am going to get through my days without you. I hate myself that I was not here when you got sick and I am sorry I could not get home quick enough to say goodbye. You were not supposed to leave me just yet - You were supposed to be in my life for another 10+ years, but i guess life isnt always fair. Just know that I will never forget you boy! I love you to the moon and back. RIP Little Grayson xoxo

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