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My Tribute To Khan

Khan Grant
9/06/2006 - 15/01/2013
Age: 6
Pet Type: German Shephard
Author: nicmgrant
Favourite Things

Loved his red ball. Would run around with it in his mouth, drop it in my clean laundry when at the clothes line. Cheeky!

Best Qualities

He made us all feel safe. Most loving and gentle natured dog. Loyal and just loved being around people. Loved the kids!

Khan there is a saying that you don't really know how much you take someone for granted until they have gone. I hope that you don't think we took you for granted, but we did rely on you to keep us safe at night. You were our Knight in hairy armour! Even though 11 days have passed we still expect you to be at the back door greeting us with that lovable face. We try to be strong but we miss your big sloppy kisses and that beautiful doggy smell. It's too quiet, no barking at the birds as they fly over your backyard. I hate going to the clothes line by myself, you use to sit there watching me, and then walk me back to the laundry. Dad is totally lost. He misses his best mate. You were taken way before your time. He struggles to walk around the streets, as you and he covered many a park in your daily walks. I showed him the Khan Star up in the night sky, the one I blow kisses to every night, and thank you for sending me one straight back too. We found all your puppy pictures, and that just broke our hearts even more. We struggle every day to understand why you and why now? Life was great. We were all so happy. We are so sorry that we were not home when you passed away. There was only 3 hours that no-one was home that day. When Dad came home and found you, your paws were still wet. You hadn't long been gone. Finding out what had happened and the facts of BLOAT, has driven Dad and I to create awareness of what happened to you. Had someone given us the knowledge, then we could have seen the signs, and known what to do. We are so sorry we had no idea. Please forgive us. God we miss you, more than any words can say, and amount of tears shed. You are the first thought for Dad and I in the morning, and the last at night. We look at your pictures every day, and your ashes are displayed where all can see and remember our beautiful Khan. Until we meet at Rainbow Bridge. Love you always our Khan. Dad, Mum Chad and Jared xxxx 

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