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My beautiful little girl gone too soon....

10/5/2006 - 26/1/2013
Nicknames: Tish, Tissue, Tashy, Buba, Princess
Age: 6
Pet Type: Samoyed
Author: melaniekim
Favourite Things

soft toys/teddies

Best Qualities

cuddly, loving, gentle, happy, relaxed, playful & very cute

I adopted Tasha when she was 3 years old from a breeder, when I first saw her I fell in love :) she was the cutest dog I have ever seen. I knew when I first met her she was special, she had the nicest nature, nothing worried her and she always had a smile on her face. We used to go to the beach and go for walks which she loved. She went everywhere with me and I loved her company, she made new friends everywhere she went, people loved her gentle nature and beautiful looks. She loved to shake hands and yawn/howl hello in the morning. Tasha always knew when you were upset or something was happening she loved to comfort you and always wanted to be around the people who loved her the most. Two months before Tasha past she became very sick, it was hard to distinguish what was wrong with her after endless trips to the vet and endless tests and examinations, Tasha had become half the dog she used to be, she would no longer come to her name, could hardly walk and lost alot of weight, the vet said she will need to be put out of pain :( it was so heart breaking because she was always very active, I loved Tasha so much she was one of a kind, Ive never met a dog with so much personality, The night before Tash past I cuddled her all night and told her everything would be ok, she saw me crying and put her paw up to my face with what little energy she had left, she was so beautiful. Tasha was laid to rest at on the 26/1/2013 xoxoxoxox I love you & miss you Tissue

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