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My Tribute to Charli and Barney

Charli and Barney
Barney: July 2010 Charli; Sept 2008 - Feb 6, 2013
Nicknames: Charney (my friend's celebrity name for the duo) Moo Moo, Missy Moo, Princess Charli, C-Bear and Boo Boo Bananas, Bozo, Barndoor, Barniferous
Pet Type: Dogs
Author: charney
Favourite Things

Barney: his purple ball and sticks and our family were his favourite things. Charli: loved cuddles and her bed!

Best Qualities

Charli: intelligent gentle playful cuddly Barney: silly playful protective BOZO!

Charli and Barney were the best pets my husband and I could ever have hoped for. They loved us unconditionally and they were our family. I got Charli not long after I met my husband and I was living on my own, she was the most smoochy dog and she quickly became my best friend (even despite her love for escaping and digging up my garden!)

My life soon revolved around keeping her entertained and we would go on long, adventurous walks. I still remember the time she went for her first swim which basically consisted of her slapping the water to stay afloat. From then one every walk had to also consist of a swim! I remember once I took her to a small lake and she quickly jumped in to chase the ducks only to have a swan turn around and snap at her (although it didn't subdue her for long). Another time she was swimming in a different lake and she decided that she would swim over to a man who was swimming laps across the lake! I'll never forget the look of surprise when he lifted his head out of water and there was my dog coming to say hello!! 

One of my favourite things was the odd occasion when we let her onto the bed and she would start out around our feet and would very slowly sneak up and end up with her head on the pillow just like us!

After a few years and many escapes later, I started looking for a friend for her a she was such the social butterfly in the neighbourhood! After a few visits to the pound, the rangers rang me and recommended Barney. 

Barney was the cutest little puppy if not a bit excitable! He proved to be the hungriest little puppy too (I have attached a photo with the evidence) and one day when I got home from work he had eaten half a bag of dog food and looked a bit like a stuffed chicken with his massive stomach! Another time he ate a whole bone in one gulp.

I also remember once when we were all inside and we noticed that Barney had been missing for a period of time.. when we eventually found him he had taken himself off to bed in the spare room, fast asleep in the middle of the bed! While it took a while for Barney and Charli to warm up to each other I think over time they learned to love each other and Barney was always snuggling up to her. 

I said goodbye to them today and I hope that they knew how much they were loved by my husband and I and how much they enriched our lives. So much of our lives revolved around our dogs and they are leaving a hole in our family. We loved them so much... 

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