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My tribute to Lucy

23.3.2000 - 11.3.2013
Age: 12
Pet Type: Golden retreiver
Lived: Melbourne
Author: Kezadow
Favourite Things

Sleeping, standing between your legs and letting you know when it was 5-5.30, dinner time!!! Talking to you.

Best Qualities

She was just so adorable, lovable and so very brave. She protected her family, loved and trusted her family so much.

To our beautiful Lucy.

thank you so much for being a part of our family, for looking after us, for providing us with your unconditional love and devotion.

we love you so very much and we are finding it so hard at the moment to be with out you. You have left a huge void in our lives which will never be filled.

we hope you are running with your brother, Spunk, and he he now looking after you again.

We love you Flossie, look after us from where ever you are.


mummy, daddy, Scott and Abbie

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