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Family Tribute to Our Girl Chloe

Chloe Byrnes
June/July 1996 - 6th April, 2013
Nicknames: Chlos 'Big Fat Monster'
Age: 16
Pet Type: Staffy x Ridgeback
Lived: Newcastle NSW
Author: Chloe
Favourite Things

Our beds, our lounges, Big Bones, an food, food food !!

Best Qualities

Best Qualities was Chloe all over. Faithfull, Loyal, Protective also gentle.


Browsing through the RSPCA shelter back in  1996 in yagoona sydney, dozens of pairs of sorrowful, hopeful eyes stared back at mum an I. I was 13 an mum had finally agreed to let me have that 'big dog' i always wanted. Passing the cage u were sharing with your sister one look and you had us at Hello!!Hours later after finalising the paperwork we got knocked back because our yard fencing wasent suitable for the premises dog that you were. You were definatly the only one an the next day we went back told a little fib but out in the puppy yard you werent there. I choose another pup an walking away with it in my arms I turned around an said 'look mum thats her' an there you were at the fence staring back at us. This time you came home an 8 week old shy baby girl.

Mum fixed our fencing, an you grew, you ate, chewed mums knitting, and the entire lougeroom carpet, our lounge, clothes, shoes. But it was big trouble miss when we came home one day an found you inside after chewing your way through our solid wooden back door. You grew up with your elder sister Jazza mums maltese you would give her hell an she let you know who was boss. Your best mate Tara lived next door same age as you we would open the side gate and yous would bound around for hours. our yards were reduced to dust.We would go through it all again in a heartbeat.

You welcomed my firstborn Jordan home with open paws, then later Kaelyn, and Olivia. We had settled in Newcastle, never once did you ever complain about the kids riding you like a horse, poking, pulling your ears an tail, dress ups. You took your role of top watch dog very seriously, chased off intruders, scared away salespeople never failed to look after us right to the end. This was your forte your people.

you always joined in conversation, games, an laughed with us. You spoke your opinions, gave us cheek, told us off, let us know when it was dinner time,walk time, toilet time, or just plain talk time. its very quiet without that ear deafing roar. You keept our beds warm, always greeted us with a smile, always helped with the dinner an dishes, always right by our side, and also muched loved by Aunty Noel an Uncle Joe.

You had been with us for a long time it seemed liked you would always be here, but then you had to say goodbye...

We stayed with you the entire time, we kissed you, cuddled you, told you how much we loved you that you would be just fine.Peacefully at home you closed your eyes the final time. God Bless You Chloe xox

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