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In loving memory of Lady

1998 - 23rd April 2013
Nicknames: Ladybug
Age: 15
Pet Type: Border Collie x Kelpie
Lived: Melbourne
Author: SharonLang
Favourite Things

soccer ball, tennis ball, boomerang, Sharon, Richard, Kenny, Keren, Bec, Peter and all my other friends

Best Qualities

Compassionate, loyal, protective, loving, playful, cheeky, intense, strong

created at: 28 04 13

My beloved Lady, it only seems such a short time ago that you were brought home by Richard. Richard had desperately wanted you for such a long time and he was so happy the day he brought you home. He organised a party for your first day and everyone fell in love with you.

You were such a delight from day 1, I remember watching you watching Richard when he was sleeping on the lounge and you kept such a intense watch over him like you were worried he was going away, your love for him was obvious. When you came home from walking up at the local forest you were such a happy girl, I always loved seeing the photos of your adventures. The photo of you standing up on a tree is still a family favourite and is hanging on my wall.

I loved our walks around the neighbourhood together, exploring the backstreets and hidden walkways and visiting your friends along the way.

Even though the land across the street has now been replaced with houses and a car park, everyone in the street still talks fondly of you and how you used to race across at breakneck speed after the tennis ball that Richard, Peter or I had hit with a tennis racket across the park, you were such a popular girl.

When Richard moved out with his girlfriend and couldn't take you with him, there was never any doubt of you staying with Mum, Dad and I. We couldn't live without you in our lives. When Dad got depression, you sat by his side and didn't move until someone came home. And when Shari died and my heart was broken, you looked after me to make sure I was ok and because of you I was.

I always dreaded you getting older, I didn't care that you couldn't go on long walks with me, even thought I knew you would try, I loved just having you go on short walks and sitting with me watching TV and having you to say goodnight to. I just dreaded you leaving me and being alone. When the Vet told me you had cancer, I was devesated, but I didn't want you to see me cry, so I cried in the shower and then would put on my happy face and go to you. I never in a milion years would want you to think you made me sad, because you always made me happy.

I'm so sorry I couldn't do more for you, in the last couple of days, you were having so much trouble walking, it was painful and scary to watch you stuggle, I carried you around as much as I could, but I could see in your eyes how sad and tired you were and how you were trying to be brave for the family, so we had to help you rest in peace.

I think of you now in our house in heaven with Shari and chasing after rabbits in green meadows. I hope you and Shari are looking after each other and I hope you have met Pissy, Tara and Pop Lang, Pop O'Connor and Nan O'Connor and are all having a fun together until I can be with you again one day.

I will always love you, I will never forget you and I will miss you until we can be together again one day.

Love Mum

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