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My Memory of Jack

27/5/2002 - 26/6/2013
Nicknames: Black Jack, Buddy, Dude
Age: 11
Pet Type: Black Mini Schnauzer
Lived: Bondi Beach, New South Wales
Author: catherineagrant
Favourite Things

Puppy and Teddy - favourite play and cuddle toys - the beach, car rides, sunny days, holidays

Best Qualities

Loyal, handsome, quiet, loveable, friendly and open to every experience

My darling Jack - I knew you were sick and that the end was coming but I never knew how hard it would be for me not to have you here with me every day.  You were the best dog - in every sense of the word - loyal, loving, devoted and open to every experience life brought you.  You put so much fun and joy into every day of our lives together, I genuinely don't know how I can find that level of happiness again.

I hope you are looking down on me, and know that I am thinking of you all the time.  You were the most precious and wonderful dog I could ever have hoped for and know that every moment you were with me, you made life all the more special.

I love you my lovely Jack and you will stay in my heart forever.  I can still see your beautiful bright brown eyes looking at me - telling me to enjoy the moment, because you always did.   My beautiful boy, enjoy the freedom from being sick and don't ever stop growling at some young whipper snipper who you like, but you think could use a word from a "wise old soul".  You are the best dog a girl could ever hope for my darling baby boy, my little fighter xxxxxxxx

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