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My Tributes to my best friends

Buddy and Buddy
APR 1989 and Mar 1998 - 23.3. 2010 and 19.7.2013
Nicknames: Skinny Boy and Buds
Age: 21
Pet Type: Thoroughbred Horse and Staffy x Boxer dog
Lived: Stake Hill Western Australia
Author: angelaebishop
Favourite Things

Best Qualities

affectionate, cuddly, rogues, gentle friendly

We went looking for a show horse and found you.    Wasting away in a paddock we knew right there and then we had to take you on, when we brought you home within an hr we had figured you out, Mr Windsucker, and we nick named you Skinny Boy.   We already had a pet dog with the same name Buddy, so another Buddy seemed fittingly, you were calm from day one nothing would faze you and taking my first ride on top of your back was like sitting in an arm chair your long legs stretched out and we covered the ground quickly, even though we were only walking.  You became part of our family very quickly and stole peoples hearts when they met you, feeding time you always let me know it was time by your whinney, like a geriatric clearing its throat boy do I miss that sound when walking down the paddock to feed Trunkey your best mate, You were my inspiration to get well again after my illness and chemo treatment and I was looking forward to climbing back on board when all of a sudden you were gone its a day that will forever be written in our hearts we miss you still and always will our gentle giant run free at Rainbows Bend...   On Friday 19. 7 . 2013 I made the hardest decision since we lost our other Buddy, to euthanaise our beloved dog Buddy who we had taken on as as a 5 week old pup from K9 rescue, after he and his brothers and sisters had been found in a cardboard box dumped outside Port Kennedy Vets in April 1998, we took home this little wrinkly pup which was all paws gangly legs and a very round tummy, on the way home he threw up on my daughter Holly who was keeping him company in the back of our 4wheel drive, little did we know then what we had let ourselves in for, we had been advised that little boys could be destructive, OMG that was only the half of it, Shoes, cushions cane suite, lounge suite [brand new] at the time, lace curtains, garden, garden plants, pond plants the list goes on, Houdini comes to mind as he would sneek into my bedroom and jump out of the window into the street, luckily for us the local ranger got to know him pretty well, we moved from Secret Harbour to where we now live on acreage we were mistaken in the belief that you would stick to our piece of land, again you made instant friends with the neighbour although we were not too pleased when you chased the horses, to which this was the best fun you had since being a pup, although one day that all came to a halt when we heard a yelp, and you came back on three legs with a cut on your head Trunkey had got the better of you for once we thought you would have to be euthanaised then as the possibility of pinning your broken leg was a cost we couldnlt afford lucky for you your leg was a clean break so it meant in a cast, however keeping you quiet and in a cast proved to be a task in itself, each night you would chew the cast off, at 2 am and 3 am most mornings I would endeavour to apply the bandages and cast back together, you got over this and then yet again we thought we would lose you as for some unforseen reason you began to fit, again it was a weekend and I drove all over Mandurah and surrounding area to find a Vet that was open at 8 pm thankfully we did Warnbro Vets on Safety Bay Rd, you were amazing and took our frail dog into your care, we left our beautiful Buddy not knowing if we would ever see him again, we didn't sleep and waited for that phone call, although it was one I was dreading, to my relief they called to say you had survivied and was able to go home weak but with medication you would be ok but would take about 10 or so days to get you right, I stayed with you 24\7 round the clock care sleeping on the couch, at first I thought you would never be ok as you couldn't stand, when you did you walked around in circles and unsteady it was heartbreaking to see you like this but I persevered in the knowledge of what the Vet had said, that it would take at least 10 days before the medication would sort you out, and thats exactly what happened, so now we had a dog who had to be kept calm, and not get too excited yeh right otherwise the epilepsy would reoccurr from then on I had to take you out on a lead so you wouldnt try and run after the horses, which you still would've done had you been let off, then as time went on you at the begining of this year the arthritis started to take affect, and you were unable to get up by yourself, eventually losing the use of your back legs as after a mini stroke in March, I became your wheelchair, and carried you in and out and around the house, then on Friday in the early hours of the morning on the 19 July I heard you yelp for the first time since you broke your leg and knew you were in trouble you were no longer able to support yourself on your front legs and I knew I had to make the heart wrenching decision I had dreaded you went so quickly without a fight as the needle went in, I held your head in my hands and told you it was all good no more pain, and kissed you on your head as you slipped peacefully away, Run Free my lovely my best friend my Buddy my heart forever..


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