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Some friends are very special

Approx 2004 - 2 September 2013
Nicknames: Rosie Pose, Princess
Age: 9
Pet Type: Mini Foxy cross Jack Russell
Lived: Adelaide.
Author: Chezzawalton
Favourite Things

Hiding under blankets, toast crusts, playing with your bro, Kipper

Best Qualities

Playful, intelligent, snuggly.

Since you came to us from the Animal Welfare League we have loved you.  You were two when you arrived but you slotted into our family and our lives as if you had always been there. 

Life had changed a lot recently for you. You became blind after developing not one but two cataracts in the last 12 months. Not that it bothered you. You still managed to find your way into our bed and hide under the covers. You still played with your big brother Kipper. Apart from bumping into the odd door no one really could tell you were blind.

The day I came home from work and was told you had drowned in our pool was awful. I can't bear to think of you alone and struggling. Unable to see, you couldn't find your way out. I'm so very sorry I wasn't there to help you. 

Our home is bereft. Kipper is missing his sleeping buddy, for several days he kept looking in the pool for you. We all miss you terribly. I've had several pets in my life, and all were loved but some are just that little bit more special. 

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