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Dogs are the best people

January 2001 - 2 October 2013
Nicknames: Frey-Frey, Little Miss Fluffy, Fat Dog, Freya Bear
Age: 12
Pet Type: Norwegian Elkhound X Blue Heeler
Lived: Canberra, Brisbane, Townsville
Author: aquarius
Favourite Things

Tennis balls, squeaky toys, chewy sticks, neck rubs, ear scratches, the beach, the blue beanbag in our lounge room

Best Qualities

Smart, loyal, affectionate, quirky, ladylike, so pretty :-)

Dearest Freya, we always knew the day had to come when you would leave us, but we also knew that we would never be ready. We would have kept you with us forever if we could. Our clever, beautiful girl, one of a kind. You went everywhere with us, and all you ever wanted was to be near us. No matter what room we were in or what part of the garden we were working in, you would be somewhere close by. Other people would always remark what a good girl you were and how you hardly took your eyes off us. I can't tell you how much I miss not having you around, my little shadow. I still see you everywhere - lying under the ferns near the front gate, sleeping on the cool tiles in the laundry, chilling in the beanbag in the lounge room (the one that your dad always sat in to watch TV, and when he got up to make a cup of tea he'd come back to find that you'd taken over his beanbag).

I still go for a walk every night along our usual routes around the neighbourhood. I imagine you floating along at my side like a little ghost dog, still sniffing and pooping in all your favourite spots. We left your toys lying around the yard just as you left them, until the day your dad finally had to mow the lawn and he put them all carefully away in the garage. Then he almost cried because there was no crazy dog barking at the lawnmower and trying to bite the wheels. You always barked at lawnmowers. And whippersnippers, boat motors, the automatic garage door... and skateboards for some reason. And birds. Remember the time you went swimming in Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra and you paddled over to a swan, thinking it was just another bird and you'd show it who's boss? Then you got close to it and realised how big it was - your little head tipped back as you looked up at this giant swan towering over you, and there was this terrified expression on your face like 'Gaaaaah! Help meeeeee!' And you swam back towards us as fast as you could with this huge swan chasing you :-)

You were such a little chicken sometimes, I know you thought of us as the 'big dogs' in your pack that would protect you and investigate scary noises etc (although you were always right behind us!)  Your lifelong fear of electrical cords came from the time that you accidentally got your paw tangled in a curly telephone cord and you ran away from it, but the cord was wrapped around your leg and the phone was pulled off the table and chased you along the floor as you bolted for your life. You were glad when we got a cordless phone heh heh.

But even though you were a coward, no other dog could match your sweet ball skills. Before you got too old, we would throw the ball in the air and you would leap up and do this awesome 360 spin in the air while catching it. At our first house, you learnt to stand at the top of the concrete ramp and roll the ball down towards us as we stood at the bottom of the ramp, then we'd throw it, you'd fetch it and bring it back to the top of the ramp and roll it down again. If you were a bit puffed from all that running, you'd put a paw on top of the ball to stop it from rolling down to us while you had a breather. And if everyone was too busy to play ball with you, you'd play by yourself - drop the ball on the concrete and catch it again on the upward bounce. You were so smart - flipping your water bowl over with your paw to let us know it was empty, herding us towards the airconditioner when you were hot and you wanted it switched on! 

So many wonderful memories of you, our darling dog. We loved you so much and we love you still. Nothing and no one could have persuaded us to give you away - making the decision to put you to sleep was the hardest thing we ever had to do. I hope you understand that we did it because you were already in pain and you were going get sicker very quickly, and we didn't want to put you through that. I still remember your trusting brown eyes as I put you in the back of the car for that last drive to the vet. I was hoping with all my heart that your tumour would be easily removed, and you would come home again. I know we had a week to adjust to the idea that we might have to let you go, but I still wish we had more time to say goodbye. I feel like our farewell at the vet's was so rushed, but maybe that's for the best - it was better for you not to see how worried I was, because you were always very good at picking up on people's emotions and I didn't want you to be more freaked out than you already were. I know you always hated going to the vet. I hate the idea that you might have been scared in your last few hours. Your dad hopes that when you went to sleep, you were thinking of the beach where he took you the day before. I wish we could have been there with you right at the end, we would have scratched your lovely soft velvety ears and told you it was going to be all right. You'll go to sleep and when you wake up you'll be in doggy heaven - you can go to the beach whenever you want, there'll be an endless supply of tennis balls, and you can eat as many chewy treats as you like without anyone calling you fat :-) I've read other tributes on this website and there are so many cool dogs on here - I like to think that you're all running around together at the Rainbow Bridge, playing and swapping stories about your owners while you wait for us all to be together again :-)

Goodbye, precious puppy. Thank you for all the good times and for your unwavering love and friendship. We had you for 12 years of doggy awesomeness and we are so grateful for that. No matter how many other pets we have in future, you will never, ever be replaced. We will always love you no matter what, just like you loved us. Good girl, Freya xxx

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