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My little baby girl Sasha

1/10/98 - 9/10/13
Nicknames: Weenie
Age: 15
Pet Type: Russian Blue Cat
Lived: Curled up on my lap
Author: MarionC
Favourite Things

Toy sharky shark, mummy's lap, daddy's lap,curled up with your brother Oscar, cuddles, kisses and lots of love.

Best Qualities

affectionate, loving, loyal, cheeky, beautiful

My darling baby girl Sasha,

You came into our lives 15 years ago with your beautiful brother Oscar.  I have had some wonderful pets in my life but never a loving little friend like you.  You were the most affectionate little girl (my little Weenie) you were my shadow.  From the minute I woke you followed me all day long wanting to be cuddled and held on my shoulder, you were a tiny little girl only 3 kgs and you loved to curl up on my lap, climb up my legs and just be held and loved. You would wait by the door every day waiting for us to come home, and you would greet us with your distintive little meow and a cuddle. You were so sweet and affectionate, so loving and loyal.  I miss you so.

We lost you suddenly to liver failure just 2 weeks ago and the hole you have left is enormous. It was so quick and sudden so final, nothing could have prepared us for the sorrow we feel.  We are all heartbroken and your loving brother Oscar is still looking for you.  My life was wonderful for having you in it, and I was so blessed in having a sweet little baby like you to love and care for.

I remember all the cheeky little things you would get up to, you always had to have the last word, a cheeky little meow you would give and have the final say.   No one could have a drink of water without you wanting to put your head in the glass. You would follow me around religiously when I was watering the garden, you loved to drink out of the hose, you were fascinated by water.  You couldn't read the paper or a book without you walking all over them and sitting on it wanting all the attention, and you got it. You would climb all over us wanting to be scratched and cuddled, climbing on dads chest purring and loving the attention, how dad misses you. You couldn't leave a box anywhere, you would hop right in it and start to play. You had all the best hiding places in the house and would make sure we spent ages trying to find you, sitting there listening to us call you and pretending you couldn't hear us, cheeky girl.  You were ever so playful always curious and ever so funny, almost as if you knew your playfullness made us laugh. 

You gave us so much love, joy and happiness.  I miss so much the feel of you beautiful soft fur and the sound of your sweet purr, and the way you would climb up on my shoulder and hug me as if you never wanted to let go.  What are we going to do without you my little baby girl. You will always be in our hearts and you will always be loved and remembered.  We will take wonderful care of your brother Oscar whom we love as dearly as we love you. Both of you were a pair of furry angels sent to us 15 years ago, the most wonderful love we have ever known.

Part of me was lost the day you passed away, you will always be loved and remembered my darling little girl, you were and still are a shining light in our lives that will always be part of us.  We miss you sweet girl.

Love you always my darling Sasha,

Mummy and Daddy miss you so much

Till we see you and hold you again at Rainbow Bridge



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