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My tribute to Lochie

Lachlan McLaughlin McGregor
17th January 1999 - 8th November, 2013
Nicknames: Lochie
Age: 14
Pet Type: Maltese/Shitzu
Lived: Frankston South
Author: maywilliams
Favourite Things

The pantry where his treats are Soft toys....reindeer, sheep, treat ball. Everyone's socks and jocks. His baby bed

Best Qualities

Funny Loved cuddles Protective Always there Loved to play tug Soft and warm Great listener

My precious were the most wonderful dog right from the day we got you as a six week old puppy. We watched you being born and you stole our came into our lives when things were very sad and helped myself and my two young children to smile again after a huge loss. You have brought so much joy and laughter into our lives...tearing around the house with socks and jocks in your mouth knowing that we would chase you and give you a treat in exchange for the socks etc. You joined us in the pool on your boogie board....inevitably jumping off to the squeals of everyone. You loved your walks, learning new tricks....sitting,rolling over ,saying please.....which was begging and barking. You scared anyone who came to the door with your ferocious bark. Most of all you loved your food...especially joining us whenever we had a roast. You were a part of every Birthday, Christmas, Easter .....even Australia Day. You loved your Birthdays even the one when you got your head stuck in the bag that had your present in got it out was yummy. Well Lochie..almost 15 years went got diabetes, went blind and deaf and had a heart murmur but you never wavered..knew your way right around the house and the garden sometimes needing a little guidance even after you lost one of your eyes. You always found your spot next to me wherever I was....and I treasured your company especially as the boys grew up and didn't need me as much. We were soul and I....we always will be. One week ago you unexpectantly went into severe heart failure....your little heart was worn out from all the love you gave and I had to make the decision to let you be restored to perfect health again and to run free ....seeing and hearing again with the wind in your face and green grass under those beautiful paws. The boys and I were privileged to be with you as you made your final journey. We are devastated and our hearts are broken...especially mine. I hate going out because I hate coming back in because you are not here. The house is empty and my heart is broken.....I think it always will be. A huge part of my heart has gone with you.Missing you. Love you so much Lochie...always will. Thankyou so much for loving me............xxxxxxxxx 

SIMPLY the BEST.........

Love always

Your Family xxx


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