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My baby boy Bundy

5/04/2000 - 13/11/201!3
Nicknames: Bun
Age: 13
Pet Type: Dog
Author: donnyj
Favourite Things

Food, walks ,anywhere in the car, tummy rubs and playing

Best Qualities

Loyal, true, protective, and my best mate

My baby boy bundy sadly  we had to let you go. It broke my heart as you were always with me. We did everything together right to the vey end. You were so so brave with all your sicknesses. Cushings disease,  diabetes blindness and many more over our time together. But through all this you w ere still so happy as long as we were together.  Thank you my baby it was a privilege to share our lives together. No words can describe how much I love and miss you. And  you will be forever in my heart never forgotten as you were my everything RIP my bundy boy love always and forever Donny n your little brother Bailey xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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