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My handsome gentle loving boy Oscar

1/10/1998 - 7/1/2014
Nicknames: Big Boy, Buddy, Oscy Boy, My little man
Age: 15
Pet Type: Russian Blue Cat
Lived: Anywhere soft and comfortable
Author: MarionC
Favourite Things

His sister Sasha, loved sleeping in front of the heater, laying in the sun, mum & dads lap,loved dinner time & biscuits

Best Qualities

so sweet and gentle, sweet natured, affectionate, strong and independent, but also very loyal, proud and beautiful

My darling gentle boy Oscar,

You came into my life 15 years ago, you and your darling sister.  You were just a tiny little man who could fit in the palm of my hand, and you grew into this beautiful, handsome, strong and affectionate big boy who was as gentle as a giant.

You were a constant in my life with me everyday for the last 15 years, you gave me so much love and happiness it is hard to express in words how much you were loved my darling boy.  Your dad and I loved you and your sister Sasha so much (who we lost only 3 months ago) and the heartbreak we are feeling now is a measure of the love we had for you both.  

I remember all the wonderful memories of you over the years and all of the good times we had together.  The best times were having you sitting on my lap loving to have a pat and scratch and purring away so contently.  You were like a big lion with this aura around you, you had such pride and a presence and seemed to have an old soul, and so gentle and loving at the same time.  You would look at us like you knew exactly what we were thinking and knew how to make our days better.

You were a cat who loved and relished in all the good things in life, you loved nothing better than laying in front of the heater (so close your whiskers would sometimes curl up) laying there wanting a belly rub and scratch.  You loved your food, you would devoure your biscuits and would always wait for the left over roast dinners we had, your favourite food was bacon and whenever I took some out the fridge it would wake you from your slumber and you would come walking into the  kitchen demanding some for yourself. You also loved to sit outside soaking up all the sunshine and was always so content.  I would love to brush your beautful silver fur it was so soft and thick and you were always immaculately groomed, you were a very proud cat always grooming and washing. Everyday you waited for me to come home from work, the 2 of you were the best welcome home gift you could ever have.  You both had very unique personalities unlike any pets I have ever had before, you were more like little guardian angels wrapped in a beautiful coat of silver fur.  You would make my heart melt just looking at you. You could turn a bad day into a happy one by just one look.  I miss you.

When we lost your sister Sasha so suddenly to liver failure 3 months ago it was like our world and yours were thrown upside down.  I know you were greiving for her waiting and looking just hoping she would come walking back in.  We showered you with endless amounts of love and attention we were missing Sasha so much and knew you must have been feeling the same. We took you to the vet and had a check up back in late October just to make sure all was ok, after losing Sasha so quick we wanted to make sure you were ok,  and you were given a clean bill of health, all seemed ok, but now I know a cat can fall ill so suddenly you have no warning.  The week before Christmas we noticed things were't quite the same you had started to get really fussy with your food and stopped eating your biscuits which you loved previously.  So on th 23rd December we took you to the vet and she could feel some lumps in your intestine, my heart sunk I remember feeling sick and distraught.  We took you to a specialist vet to have some blood tests done and an ultrasound. Christmas eve we got the worst news possible you had lymphoma in your spleen and intestine, the results showed it was a rare form that wasn't as responsive to treatment.  Without treatment you had only 2-3 weeks with treatment maybe a bit longer. We started you on chemo and you seemed a bit better the first week by the second week you had lost more weight and had no energy, the treatment was not working for you, I could see this was not going to get any better you were decling so fast. Your dad and I tried so hard to make you better but the ultimate act of love we could give you was a peaceful ending.  This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make, but the right decision, but by no ways an easy decision.  We were with you until the end and you were purring away right up until your last breathe.   I know now you are with your baby sister waiting for both your mum and dad at rainbow bridge.

My Oscar boy you brought so much love and so much happiness into our lives, you will always be remembered and always be in our hearts.  A piece of me was lost the day your sister passed away and another piece is lost again now you are gone.

I will never forget you and will always love you my big boy.

Till we see you again at rainbow bridge.

Love Mum & Dad 


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