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1996 - 16 December 2013
Nicknames: Tigs, Tigie Pants
Age: 17
Pet Type: Cat
Lived: Adelaide, SA
Author: Emma91
Favourite Things

Sleeping, Treats, Catnip, Being Brushed

Best Qualities

Furry, Cuddly

Our beautiful boy Tiger picked us when we went to the Animal Welfare League 16 years ago last June.

He was the kitty who came up to me in the cage and demanded all the attention. I remember walking away to go and get Mum and Dad to go and meet this pretty kitty, and Tiger called out after me, I guess, asking me not to go.

I just had to take him home. My parents agreed and we brought home this 12 month old bundle of ginger fluff. I was very excited.

Tiger was a naughty cat from the beginning. If you went outside with bare legs and bare feet, he thought you were prey. He would run up and grab your legs and not let go. He would also jump up onto cupboards and kick precious items onto the floor if you weren’t paying him any attention (especially at 4am when he decided he wanted to go outside).

He did get a bit of pay back from me however, when at about age 6, I decided “Well, if dogs can have baths, why can’t cats too?” Tiger answered that one for me when I tried to dunk him in!


One of my… I suppose.. favourite? No, let’s say most.. recounted memories of him was when he brought the mouse inside…

It was dark outside and I’m pretty sure it was a school night. Tiger came inside like he usually did for his dinner and he had something in his mouth. We couldn’t work out what it was until he dropped it. It was a mouse! It was also… alive.

The thing jumped up and bolted through the house, with both Tiger and myself hot on its tail. It’s quite difficult to catch a mouse in the first place, let alone when you have the attempted ‘assistance’ of a cat!

Tiger loved chasing hair ties across the kitchen floor. He would gain so much speed that he would slide across the vinyl and slam into the kitchen cupboards! It didn’t seem to bother him though, He continued to do it whenever possible!


In his twilight years, Tiger started to sleep more. He wasn’t interested in chasing things anymore, and the only time he successfully caught a pigeon was in his dreams. His new favourite thing was food. He became an absolute guts. He was rationed (at his extreme disgust) and he didn’t get fat.


In December 2012, Tiger became my new Number 1 – my favourite photography subject. Over the next year, he was the subject of many of my pictures. He had a lot of poses. The ‘sleeping’ pose, the ‘sunny’ pose and of course the ‘haven’t you taken enough photos already?’ pose. That was one of his favourites.

He continued to potter along as he always did, eating and sleeping and generally being quite cute.

He was always the ‘best looking cat’ the vet had ever seen for his age, so it was a bit of a shock when midway through 2013, he started limping. The vet diagnosed arthritis. After a short course of anti-inflammatories, he was close to being back to his normal self.

As a pet owner, you expect them to be around forever. This was a bit of a wake-up call to me, who then realised that Tiger wouldn’t be there forever like I always hoped.


In early December 2013, we realised that something was wrong. Tiger stopped eating and just looked completely unwell and unhappy. We took him straight to the vet, who suggested there could be something wrong with his liver. Tiger was kept in overnight to have various tests taken and put on an IV. He stayed there for 5 days where he underwent an ultrasound. No lesions were found, which thankfully meant that it didn’t look like cancer.

We brought him home that Saturday where he just slept and refused to eat or drink anything. He just wasn’t Tiger anymore. He wasn’t the happy, purring like a freight train cat that we loved.

The vet said that the only other option would be to put a tube in his neck in order to get him to eat. We didn’t even consider it. For a cat of his age, it was just cruel.

On Monday 16 December 2013, our beautiful 17 year old boy was put to sleep. We just couldn’t let him suffer anymore. He had been such a loyal, beautiful cat for so long that it was cruel to keep him going just for our benefit. He was put to sleep surrounded by my Mum, my Dad and myself.

He was buried in his favourite spot, always in the sun facing the house like he always was when he was keeping an eye out for his dinner.

Many A tear were shed that day, and continue to be shed for our beautiful boy

RIP TIGER 1996-2013

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