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Tribute to Beam

April 2002 - 2 April 2014
Nicknames: BeamStar, Black Dog, Slog (Sloth-Dog)
Age: 12
Pet Type: Kelpie-Collie
Lived: Wherever she wanted
Author: OurGirl
Favourite Things

Loved playing ball, helped around the house, hid Dad's tools & loved fishing-swimming. You loved car rides & open fires.

Best Qualities

You were our protector, teacher, clown, our cuddly bear, our baby. You were so smart, moody & lovable all at once.

From the day you entered our lives as a pup over 12 years ago, your love & devotion was infectious; you put a beam of sunlight into both our broken hearts.  Never did we dream that our hearts could be mended, after being shattered in life, but you mended 2 broken hearts baby girl.  After many years, 2 broken hearts were mended, so that life could go on. You were more than a dog; you were our baby; our shadow, our protector, our assistant, our strength that kept all in place, our acrobat, our clown, our sloth, but most of all you were our best friend, our mate, and Beam of sunlight, every second of every day. You were always there through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad; but no matter the situation, it was you and only you who could put our minds back on track, and put a smile on our face.  No matter what we were doing or where we would be, we could always guarantee that you were there, right beside us, keeping an eye on things.  Whether it was working with dad outside, or keeping an eye on me working inside, you were always there watching every move and listening to every word. There will only be 1 Beam(star).. A smarter dog you would never find, as we were blessed, when you found us, as you were definitely 1 of a kind. If there was ever a dog to be put on a platform for abilities, it is you.  You had it all.  You knew how to work cattle without being taught, you mothered anything with a heart, you were the poster dog for assistance dogs for sure.  You listened to every word that came out of our mouths, even if you were not in the house; you would position yourself, either under us, or beside us under the house, so that you could always be near, and listen to all.  You were always there.  You were our baby and always will be.  You had more manners than most humans; and that in itself is something that even we could never comprehend, just how intelligent you were, even up until your last hours; you kept your dignity & thought of us. You tried to walk away, and die alone to save us the heartache of watching over you, but we were awake to your mind and weren’t going to let that happen, darling.  We had to be with you, and hold you, as you have always been with us, comforting us.  In your final hours, I will never forget the special mental bond that the 3 of us had, as heartbreaking as it was, it is a moment stuck in time that we will forever cherish.  You asked for permission to go and we allowed you to go to sleep for 1 final time.  The memories you have left us with, could fill a lifetime a million times over.  You gave us so many laughs; - too many to mention.  You were a beautiful and wonderful mother, who showed exactly the extremes that you would go to in the name of love.  The way you looked after your babies, was extraordinary.  You had the motherly instinct from day 1.  Anything that moved or had a heartbeat, you would mother as if your own.  You mothered and protected not only your own babies, you mothered plenty of others too; including ducklings, chickens,  feral rabbits for goodness sake and even tried to mother the sounds of human babies if you heard them crying on tv.   Your baby Cola, is testament to that, with the love that she has for us, and for you. She is as heartbroken as we are; but we know it was time for you to leave us, as you are no longer in pain our darling baby. Today we sit here with 2 shattered hearts again, but this time, the pain is that much more enormous.  You have left such a deep impact in our lives, that the grief is beyond words; even as I write this, I look down at my feet, still looking for our baby, expecting you to be in your spot, between us in bed.  You will be missed so much our beautiful girl; I cannot begin to even think about today, let alone the future.  Knowing you will not be there, beside us, talking with us, and spreading that Beam of love and sunshine every morning is heartbreaking.  We love you Beamstar, we always have and always will.  You were definitely 1 of a kind, so intelligent, and so loyal.  You have bought so much love, happiness, and special moments into our lives; being without you is that so much harder to deal with.  We will always have you with us, no matter where we go, your smile will be our smile; the smile of Beamstar.  Now that you’re not here, we look up at the sky; we look at the Beaming Star, and know that you are smiling back at us.  We love you baby girl, Beam, BeamStar, Black Dog, Slog (Sloth-Dog)...& will always have you in our hearts. You were with us here on earth for 12 years; you will be with us in our hearts forever.  Missing you so much beautiful girl, all our love Mum, Dad & your bubs

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