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My Beautiful Fur Baby

Cat ( yes his name was cat lol )
25/2/05 - 10/04/14
Nicknames: Cat cat
Age: 9
Pet Type: Pure bread British short hair
Lived: Our home n hearts
Author: Myfurkids
Favourite Things

Lay infront of the window in the sun , roll on the tiles

Best Qualities

Affectionate , protective and very talkative

Sadly Thursday the 10 April Cat died he was not sick to our knowlage and nothing had been out of character for him and we don't know why he passed away but it's broken out heart 💔 

Cat cat was not just our cat he was my best friend a member of our family in 9 years I probably spent 15 nights away from him , He would curl up on my bed during the day and at night sleep either on or at my feet or on my pillow if the kids layed next to me he would push in no one could sleep closer to me than him, He saw us thru highs and lows and caught many tears he would softly put his paw on my cheek , if the kittens were being naughty or running around he'd just give them a quick clip n they would stop being naughty and OMG Chat never had I heard a Brit talk as much as my boy ( and I've ment plenty over the years ) he would meow at me why I was talking to friends even on the phone to try and have his say , if anyone visited even if they Wernt fond of cats they would at least have to say hi or he wouldn't go away, If I was up late he'd realise and come sit at my feet or climb on me till I went to bed , he would always have a bite to eat at dinner time then let the lil ones eat then go finish off his dinner . Babies or lil kids could pat him pull him pick him up n he just went meh that's why I'm here if he had enoug or there was too many people he'd just go to bed or sit in the window . loosing any pet is hard but he was sooo much more than just a pet or just a cat he was a massive massive part of our lives and family , We have 2 other cats which I adore their just not my baby or as is sometimes call him my grumpy old man , it's been almost a week and I still wait for my pillow to be lop sided from him pusing in or not to be able to move my feet while I sleep and anything left on my bed during the day I think its him then remember he's gone .... 😢 

R.I.P Cat Cat 🐱 

We Will always love and Miss You 

Never to be forgotten xxxx

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