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Sam you were all class, I could'nt have asked for a better dog.

16.08.01 - 22.5.14
Age: 12
Pet Type: Border Collie
Lived: Sydney
Author: tmellody
Favourite Things

Chasing ball/stick, The Pussycat, walks,beach, swimming, car rides, food(especially human kind), most activity, PARK!

Best Qualities

Gentle, considerate, handsome, intelligent, charming, tolerant, very neat toilet manners, close to perfect. Just right.

Geez I loved you Buddy, from the moment I saw you in that pet shop window, I had to have you. I had no intention of getting a dog, let alone a pet shop boy, but you must have decided that I was your forever guy, because it was love at first sight, you were the last one left, and discounted to boot, the best bargain and purchase I ever made.

We were made for each other you and me, we had so many great times and adventures together. Everyone said what a sad, funny looking little pup you were, with your overdeveloped, lopsided ears, and unusual manner, but I just smiled because I knew you were always bound to be a great looking, champion dog. So dang smart and easy to train, it always seemed like you had lived a life or two already. You were such a great dog Sam, that it is going to be very difficult, not just to move on but to ever have another.

We sure packed a lot of fun into the years I was blessed to share with you, and even though in my grief these memories at the moment are filled with sadness and regret that we are no longer a team, I am sure that when my wounds heal eventually, I will be filled with happy thoughts of your memory, because you were easily one of the best things to ever happen to me. If I had known that you would be leaving me this year I would have not worked at all, and spent every possible moment with you. I miss you so much Sam, if there is an afterlife I just pray that you will be a part of it for me, I would just love to be with you again my main man, please wait for me if you can. I love you so much, you will always be a part of meXxxxxxxxxxxx

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