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Goodbye beautiful Nicky Boy

21/9/1997 - 27/5/2014
Nicknames: Nicholai
Age: 16
Pet Type: Toy Poodle
Lived: Northern NSW
Author: eileenk
Favourite Things

Schmacko Marrobones, being on the bed, his Dad

Best Qualities

Loving, gentle, loyal, sweet natured

Nicky was a male toy poodle who came to live with us with his mate Starr in 2007.  Nicky was previously owned by my partner's grandparents and was supposed to be put to sleep after the grandparents death as they thought no-one would want to take on their dogs.  After their death discussions were had regarding euthanasia but there was no way I was going to let that happen. So in late 2007 Nicky and his mate Starr came to live us.  What a wonderful, fun 7 years it has been. We honestly thought Nicky was going to be with us forever.  Unfortunately Nicky developed a heart problem in 2010 and was put on medication.  He was quite healthy until earlier this year, then one sad day in May he suddenly became very ill.  The vets did all they could but sadly Nicky passed away from kidney failure.  He is sadly missed by us as well as his mate Starr.  We will love you and remember you forever Nicky Boy.  

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