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For Kelsie, Forever My Baby Girl

7th January, 2000 - 16th June, 2014
Nicknames: Baby girl, snap snaps, little lamb legs
Age: 14
Pet Type: Border Collie
Author: Alison
Favourite Things

Vortex toy, tennis balls, anything squeaky or that can be thrown in the air, tossed around or pounced on.

Best Qualities

Loving, kind, sweet, gentle, cheeky, brave, determined and courageous

My Darling Kelsie, my soul dog, How blessed I was to have shared 14 and 1/2 wonderful, adventurous years, what fun we had.

I still remember the day I picked you up from the airport, panicking because of the traffic...and there you were in your little crate, the last little one to be picked up...and it was love at first sight.  We drove home and you were in a little cardboard crate, sleeping until we were close to home and then waking up and trying to escape.

Your favourite toy became the empty coke bottle filled with pebbles, and a soft fluffy hamburger...although we had spent a small fortune on other toys...

From the day you came home, until your very last day, we were rarely apart, we travelled everywhere together and one day I will sit down and work out all the places we stayed at, some of which we stayed at several times, but at one count it was up to 50 little adventures and holidays.  You made friends wherever you went, and were even invited to share a picnic table with a family whilst we were fishing, because they loved you so much..Of course you were happy to share lunch, so long as you could see your family.

You had the most amazingly sweet, kind and gentle personality, you loved animals but just loved to be around humans.  The kitchen was your favourite part of the house, and I find it strange not to have you under my feet, waiting for something to fall into your mouth, preferably a bit of cheese.

Your photo is on the wall of a fishing hire boat company in Forster, with Penny, you took everything in your stride. You learnt to swim at the age of 5, you were given the run of some wineries in the Hunter Valley because you and Penny were so loved..You had a thing for dead fish but the dead rabbit that you found up at Old Bar was disgusting and I think you smiled for the rest of the day.  It took me two washes to get you clean.

Everywhere I went, you were with me, looking out the back of the wagon, smiling at everyone. Whether it was a long trip or a short trip to the shops, you were content.

I have been so privileged to share your life, to watch you grow, to have you by my side and to watch you grow old.  What a wonderful life, full of adventures and holidays and picnics and meet and greets and bbqs and beaches.

Right up to the very last moment, you had that precioius smile, cheeky and loving.  You still had some hearing, particularly when the cheese came out, and most of your eyesight was wonderful, but your poor old legs had just had enough and we both knew that our adventures together had come to an end.

I sang silly songs to you on our last trip and I knew you were smiling.

Baby girl, you will forever be in my heart, you have taught me and incredible amount in your lifetime and you will always be with me.  


Love mummy xx









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