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RIP Old Girl

6/8/1997 - 7/6/2014
Nicknames: Sammy, Sambo, Old Girl, Skinny Dog,
Age: 16
Pet Type: Border Collie
Lived: Brisbane
Author: Scott
Favourite Things

Any toy with a squeak...... Plus running flat out... Loved camping...

Best Qualities

Loyal, independent, smart, obedient... Loving

Sammy,  From the day we picked you up from a farm at Grantham to the day you died you were by our side. You certainly had a great life and we are pleased to know that we could do that for you. You travelled everywhere with us and simply loved sticking your head out the window in the car... You absolutely loved camping and swimming on your own terms....

Up until about 4 years ago you were extremely active and took any opportunity to play and squeak a toy to annoy us and get us to throw it.. You were the boss of the household with Scarlet and Carlton certainly knowing their place in the pack. Although you became deaf in your old age your mind was all there and your body just gave out.

We are grateful that we had time to say our goodbyes, we took time off work to spend with her, gave her a bath and some short last walks talking about old times.

When we made the painful and heartbreaking decision to send Samantha over the rainbow bridge, we were there until the end....saying our last goodbyes and crying... We are still grieving for our girl...

You are no longer by our side, but forever in our Hearts. RIP Samantha....we miss you and will see you another day.

Scott and Kim

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