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Tribute to Nelly

26.12.00 - 6.7.14
Nicknames: Nelly girl
Age: 13
Pet Type: Maltese
Lived: Sydney
Author: deedee
Favourite Things

Teddy bear

Best Qualities

Loving, loyal, mischievious.

We miss you so much, we know you are having a fantastic time wherever you are and are eating all the things you like. You were chosen by us from the pound and as soon as we got you home you settled in straight away, as if you'd always been with us.

As the years went on you gave so many of our friends joy and happiness and always greeted them at the door.

You were such a brave girl when you got diagnosed with diabetes, we had a very strict schedule, up every day for your medications and insulin, you always greeted me with love every morning. 


I know you are over the rainbow bridge now but you are still with us in spirit, we love you Nelly. 





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