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My Beautiful Jassy Jas

12/06/2003 - 05/07/2014
Nicknames: Jas, Jassy Jas, Jasper McKasker, Black Dog, Puppy
Age: 11
Pet Type: Labrador
Lived: Townsville, Queensland
Author: chelsw
Favourite Things

Group hugs and all the food.

Best Qualities

So obnoxiously boisterous and happy all the time. Even a trip to the mail box could make him do cartwheels.

My beautiful fat little cone head. I had no idea when you got your diagnosis that we would only have two precious weeks left together. Can't even express how much I miss you. 

Such a doofus, so happy all the time. His tail was a weapon and always going a hundred miles an hour.

He loved to be touching everyone and was an instigator of group hugs. 

Such a beautiful, loving, happy dog who I will love forever. 

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