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My Golden Light - Maxy

17th July 1999 - 22nd June 2014
Nicknames: Maxo, Mano
Age: 14
Pet Type: Golden Retriever
Lived: Wherever I was
Author: Laraandmax
Favourite Things

His friend Suzy, the beach, rolling around in the park, walks anywhere, his bed,His loved ones

Best Qualities

Graceful, determined, proud, loving, attention seeking, independant, cuddly, beautiful, soft, enthusiastic, strong, cute

Happy Birthday Maxy, you would have been 15 years today.

You came into my life like a golden light an instant best friend with a heart so full of love to give and a soul full of joy to share with those you loved.

As a puppy you were as cute, cheeky and naughty as can be keeping us entertained for hours on end with delight.

So beautiful your locks of golden fur, smooth, silky and soft to touch. You were like a gorgeous golden ball of furry love.

Through thick and thin you were always at my side. You never failed to be at the door to greet me with your loving welcome and wagging tail, just wanting to be near the one you loved so dear.

You were always nudging me with your snoz for a pat or a cuddle and ready to give your love to me and the whole family.

Trips to the beach and the park lightened and brought immense joy to parts of my days and made your days complete, just being you and chasing all the other dogs and ensuring we were all safe.

You always had so much fun rolling around on your back on luscious green grass one of your favourite pastimes.

You were a great big brother to your friend and smoochy confidant Suzy, inseparable from day one a special bond was built. Every night you let her lick you from ear to ear creating a wet looking Mohawk throughout your hair. Between the two of you, you have stolen big pieces of my heart.

Maxy I look back and the years past to quickly, I know we together lived and loved life to the fullest but I crave the memories and the love and struggle to let you go.

Life was far too short for such a loving soul, however the legacy of your teachings will linger with me forever.

The unconditional love you gave has truly awakened my soul. Helping me realise what true love really should be.

You approached any situation in your younger years with vigour and enthusiasm growing into a true gentleman with dignity and grace in your older years. You always approached life with patience and were true to and loved yourself, trusting others and living every moment to its fullest

The day came when life got too hard, those leggies of yours old and tired and seizures appearing out of nowhere taking your energy and quality of life.

On the last day Maxy I asked for a sign and you gave it to me, still together deciding your fate. You knew the time had come and you gracefully helped me access inside the right decision to make.

The decision I made with peace but to lose you still consumes me with grief.

In my arms you took your last breathe a promise I had made to always to be there with you.

You have taken a piece of my heart with you which I hope keeps you at peace. It was a small gift to give to you, one I loved so much. Each passing day I feel hurt, but I also smile and laugh you filling my heart up with love in remembrance of our lives and wonderful memories we created together.

I know I will never see you at the gate again, call your name and see you come running, touch and cuddle your golden furs, look deep into your big brown eyes, or kiss your cute muzzle but in my heart I know you are with me looking down from above keeping Suzy and me safe till we meet again at Rainbow Bridge and cross over together. Please have fun enjoy your new found health and vigour and don’t wait at the gate for me.

I thank you, I miss you and I will love you and remember you forever more than my heart can express.

Good Bye for now Maxy forever shine your golden light.

Your mum Lara and your best friend Suzy (Suze Malooze).


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