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20th April 1988 - 22nd August 2005
Nicknames: BILL
Age: 17
Pet Type: Mini Foxie
Lived: Wyoming NSW Australia
Author: Aussiejudi
Favourite Things

Give Billy a tennis ball and he would spend hours pushing it off the top step and racing to catch it at the bottom.

Best Qualities

What a beautiful friend....

Billy was my special mate, he was born on my birthday and he was an only child like me.

He excelled at obedience school and was loyal, loving and faithful.

His love was unconditional and I loved him to bits in return.

Billy loved to play ball and taught our grandchildren to throw the ball to him before they could even walk....

He was buried with his tennis ball beside him.

When he was going to sleep for the final time I held him in my arms and told hime to wait for me at "The Rainbow Bridge". I have no fear that he will be waiting for me along with his little daughter Sallie who we all loved very much . She joined him at the "Rainbow Bridge  5 years later also almost 17 years old....

Billy Boy I love you still, and I miss you so much...

Hope your having Fun at the Rainbow Bridge and that your still enjoying playing ball games...

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